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Ellexe offers management consulting combining business, information and technology. Our customers vary from medium sized local businesses to big international companies in the Nordic countries and Europe. They have chosen us because they have high standards when it comes to expertise, leadership and a transparent approach. We enable their tomorrow by removing any obstacles and by building solid foundations that will endure growth.

Our motto is ”enabling tomorrow” and we aim to provide a functional and reliable approach that transforms IT from a burden to an enabler. Too often it’s the IT-department that sets the rules and the business units that adapt, though it should be the other way around.

” The goal of IT should be redefined so that the first and most important goal is to support business.”

Our services

Ellexe strives to support and enable our clients business with the services we offer. We belive in proactivity, sustainability and furthering business. Using IT correctly, can maximize your company’s potential!

Is your company’s  IT out of touch? Is the IT-strategy vague at best? Does your company have a clear view on how IT should be developed during this and the following years?

Then you need a CIO, but instead of hiring one it is easier and more cost-efficient to rent one.  This is a convenient alternative for smaller and mid-sized companies as well as bigger companies on the stock exchange.

Does it feel like things could be done differently? Faster? More efficient? Easier?

We are used to managing projects using both Agile and waterfall methods.Both have their advantages. The thing to remember is to do the work diligently and systematically and keeping track of the progress.

From time to time it is good to question the procedures and processes in use. Do they still meet the present and future needs, or do you simply use them because “that’s how we’ve always done”?

Sometimes it takes an outsider to open your horizons and broaden your views. Turn to Ellexe for a professional and neutral opinion and to energize your projects.

All-inclusive IT-support and development services which puts your business first. Gain a competitive edge with an effective IT-environment. The goal of the IT-department needs to be redefined to first and foremost support the business needs. IT-departments often disagree with this. However, one can ask if the company is there to support the IT-department or is it the other way around.

Few companies get all their needs fulfilled from one place, but have to deal with many different suppliers. Each one having different rules and modus operandi. Some firms only look for the cheapest alternative without calculating the cost for administration in time and money. Are you aware of your contractual rights and responsibilities? Or the suppliers?

Have you heard about IT2010? We offer you supplier administration-, procurement- and tendering-services tailored to your needs.

Without software development and Continual Service improvement the services and software tend to -within a few years- become as old fashioned as a Mobira Cityman mobile phone from the late 80’s. Everybody remembers it, but nobody wants it. The pace, with which the technology changes, has increased in the past few years. Earlier there were estimations that there were tens of thousands of developers worldwide, now the estimation is now tens of millions.

How can you maximize your customer service’s potential? How can your personnel better serve the customer?

Often you hear about call centers with a high noise-level. This can be changed.  You can enhance your customer care both with technical solutions and by developing your workflow. Call and book a meeting so we together can analyze the possibilities for improvement.

We also provide other services including: Project Management, Risk Management, CRM-consultation, System Maintenance and Service, e-Commerce consultation, Hardware solutions, Coaching and Workshops.

About us

Established in 2012, Ellexe is a consulting firm that offers management consulting combining business, information and technology.  Our customers are mainly large and medium sized businesses in Finland,  the Nordic countries  and Europe with a global reach.

Our motto is ”enabling tomorrow” and we aim to provide a functional and reliable approach that transforms IT from a burden to an enabler. The fundamental purpose of IT is to enable more efficient business, not limit the boundaries of the business, which sadly is often the case. When a company finds itself in a position where IT is the main obstacle for further innovation and expansion it is time to turn to an outside consultant. One with the required experience and ability to look at things objectively with fresh eyes without emotion or given practices clouding the judgement. It is easier for an external expert to analyze current practices and compare how well they stack up against current and future needs.

When a company grows, the people, the practices as well as the software must grow with it. When you plan ahead and stay proactive, no crisis will emerge. It’s never too late to change practices.

The systems and software of a company often remind us of the company itself; some are more hectic and dynamic, others more steady and stable. Regardless of your situation Ellexe Consulting can offer you the right tools to energize and modernize a sleeping and latent IT-environment (with tailored metrics) as well as stabilizing and improving an over-dynamic environment with lots of downtime and re-occurring problems and errors.

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