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Another project successfully finished

In January I was contacted by an international company who needed help to run an important project. The project sounded very interesting and I got immediately excited about it. Now, 8 months later, the project is done and the portal has been in use for a while.

The portal was launched in three languages in five countries. The result is a magnific self service portal where the customers several thousands employees can search and find solutions to their IT-problems without having to qeue on the phone. In the portal you can search the knowledge base and related service requests, chat with help desk personnel or leave a service request to the help desk. I had the honour and priviledge to lead this project, which finished on time and in budget.

The team consisted of group of international experts including a software provider and subcontractors and a lot of the customers own personnel. As the project team members were situated in different locations and countries, a lot of the work was done remotely. Even though remote-teams add a spice to the mixture, I have to say that everyone who worked on this project did an excellent job, dispite the distances.

Now, as the next client and project awaits, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in the project! It has been both fun and a priviledge to work with all of you. I look forward to working with you again in the future.